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*”L.A. Fifa”-Soap

=>attracts multi-chance, makes you charming and irresistible.

*Ancestral Soap “Yôlô”

=>brings charm, attraction, success, brings abundance and the 56 cabalistic protections are obtained through the usage of the soap.

(Detailed descriptions for the right application and usage are provided along with each kit, as well as along with all products.)

Ancestral Soaps like “T.A. Alafia”, “L.A. Fifa” and “Yôlô” purify and cleanse your body from all negativity and opens to you a new world of positivity, success, free from spells and unwanted magic influences.

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Purification /  Ancestral MSSAGE / BATH and SOAPS

>Ancestral Soaps:

*”T.A. Alafia”-Soap (a purifying bath)

=>annuls all bad spells on you. It purifies you and harmonizes you with the universal forces. This will allow your star to shine autonomously.

=>”T.A. Alafia”-Soap will chase negative entities and spirits surrounding you away (demons, witchcraft... etc.) After several weeks, several months of application of the T.A. Alafia-Soap many things will have changed to the positive in your life.


> Hydro-Massaging Baths:

Indication: Rheumatism, arthritis, insomnia, loss of appetite, anti-pain

*Slimming bath: with ocean water, African roots, liquid plankton and essential oils. Efficient for the loss of weight.

*Relaxing bath: composition of herbal extracts, guaranteeing an immediate and general relaxation.

*Stimulating bath: its herbal extracts are effective for real well- being and gives an energy-boost.

The Ancestral Bath is one of the oldest traditional practices to take away all negativity and unwanted magical influences due to its most powerful mixture of ingredients to purify and protect. Combined with modern technology, the Balneo- Therapy it becomes an extraordinary spiritual experience of well-being for body and soul.