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DJCA Personalised Parfumes

The Personalized Perfumes "Yôlô St. Michel" and "Fapoli"

contain such secrets where you have no other choice but to succeed and thus became already a powerful weapon for numerous politicians, bosses of enterprises, actors and actrices using them to become more charismatic, to charm their public, to advance in their career and to succeed at all costs. If only everything in life were that easy.


Cabinet J.C. Atiogbé - 28, Rue Marcel Carné - 95190 Goussainville - France
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This revolutionary invention in the domain of esoterism is already selling like crazy all troughout the world.


These perfumes of natural fragrance based on ancestral plants, raw and delicate at the time bewitch the senses, but they are doing much more than just filling the air with a nice smell for actually it is an esoteric composure. Personalized means that all personal signs, like name, date of birth or any other significance were combined with this perfume which already contains the ancestral signs of love, success or attraction, the signs of wise men, which already have been proven for centuries.


This way was créated a line of exquisit perfumes with different kinds of effects.

Our perfumes are being individually prepared by hand according to the needs of each person.

Each single time Mr. J.C. Atiogbé pays the same attention to his personalized composures, which are prepared with particular care to obtain the most efficiency.

All Personalized Perfumes are exclusively available with the Domaine JCA / Cabinet J.C. Atiogbé.