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 M. Jean Claude ATIOGBE vous reçoit sur rendez- vous pour une première
consultation - découverte.
Cabinet J.C. Atiogbé – 28, Rue Marcel Carné – 95190 Goussainville – France
Phone./Fax: +33-1- – Cell.: +33-6- – e-mail: jcatiogbe22@gmail.com
site Internet: www.jcatiogbe.net

This hydro-massaging bath, you can as well exclusively perform under the personal instruction of Mr. Jean Claude Atiogbé (it is necessary to take an appointment by Fax, Tel., e-mail) and enjoy the Ancestral Bath/Balneo-Therapy combination, a bath enriched with rare and exclusive herbal extracts, rare essential oils, known for their relaxing, stimulating and slimming effect. In combination with the positive effects of the bath will be more profound and you will see its results more quickly.

>Bathing Infusions for home-use:

°Melissa: preparation of a lemon base, which provides an agreeable lemon aroma.

°Thyme: helps your organism to self-defend itself.

°Eucalyptus: each of us knows eucalyptus for its stimulating effects and properties. Especially the eucalyptus bath can sooth respiratory problems.

(These baths are available to you for your daily baths.)


The Ancestral Bath is one of the oldest traditional practices to take away all negativity and unwanted magical influences due to its most powerful mixture of ingredients to purify and protect. Combined with modern technology, the Balneo-Therapy it becomes an extraordinary spiritual experience of well-being for body and soul.